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Coaching is about getting you past the obstacles that block your creative flow, so that you can become who you were born to be.

New clients

Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me
to get clear on what you need in order to thrive.

New clients start with a 3-month contract which includes:

  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions each month

  • One optional 15-minute check in each month to keep you on track

  • Text and email support to boost your success

  • Simple contract to keep things clear (sample contract)


I operate on a sliding scale of $150-$400 per month:

  • $150/month—if you’re making ends meet

  • $250/month—if you’re financially stable

  • $400/month—if you’re financially abundant


Every one of us was born to thrive. I believe that.

But let's be honest, life tends to pinch and constrain the will to thrive. I get that. I understand the doubts and duties that get in the way, the mindsets and setbacks that knock you off course.


Nevertheless, are you willing to entertain the possibility that—smack-dab in the midst of life—you can become who you were born to be?


Because that's where it begins: You being willing.

The rest of it? You already have what it takes. 


And, as your coach, I can help you access it.

Inclusivity & diversity

I aim to serve a diverse group of clients—including POC, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities.


If you self-identify in any of these ways, and the cost of coaching is prohibitive for you, I encourage you to inquire about a scholarship.


And I am open to your feedback about how I can make my practice more inclusive.

Bridge over a River

Coaching is

  • Coaching is about taking action.

  • Coaching compels you to access and act on your own wisdom.

  • Coaching aligns you with your own values and intentions.

  • Coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.

  • Coaching supports you to get clear on what is important to you and to move past where you are currently stuck.

Coaching is not

  • Coaching is not training that follows a set curriculum toward set achievements. 

  • Coaching is not consulting that prescribes solutions based on external expertise. 

  • Coaching is not mentoring that guides you based on someone else’s wisdom. 

  • Coaching is not therapy that is about healing and coping strategies.

  • Coaching can help you identify if any of these things would be a support for you and your work.

Aram Mitchell combines three rare qualities (among many others).
First, he is an amazing listener and asker of meaningful questions.
Second, he is an inspiring person. Being in his presence, you feel empowered to listen to your heart and reach for your dreams.
And third, he is spiritually sensitive. He gets a feel for where people are and where they're coming from, and helps them discern where to go next. I'm glad for his presence in my life.

Brian D. McLaren

author, teacher, activist

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