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Spiritual Care

Navigate the rapids of life with these experiences of reflection and renewal.

Spiritual Formation in the Wild

Online course for Continuing Education Units

This self-paced, on-demand course guides you to connect with wild nature as a part of your spiritual formation journey. With guided practices at the center, you will learn the benefits, history, and methods of nature connection and deepen your own relationship with the natural world.

The course meets the Diamond Standard™ for 2 continuing education units (20 contact hours) through The School of Global Citizenry.

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Practice paying attention

Reflections by Aram Mitchell

Join Aram's community of practice on Substack, where he regularly offers reflections about life, wildness, and spiritual formation.


Encounter Wildness

Custom nature retreats

Connect with Aram to imagine and craft a custom nature retreat for you or your group. Whether you're seeking help in designing a self-guided retreat, or want to hire a guide to lead you and your group through an encounter with wildness.

Aram Mitchell combines three rare qualities (among many others).
First, he is an amazing listener and asker of meaningful questions.
Second, he is an inspiring person. Being in his presence, you feel empowered to listen to your heart and reach for your dreams.
And third, he is spiritually sensitive. He gets a feel for where people are and where they're coming from, and helps them discern where to go next. I'm glad for his presence in my life.

Brian D. McLaren

author, teacher, activist

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